As part of our business philosophy, GuruHut hires Java™ programmers - and occasionally other folk - who are experienced, independent and confident.

We have high standards for our staff, and because we are so exacting in our recruitment processes, we are able to avoid micro-management of on-site programmers. This gives them the freedom to manage their own processes and client relationships, and us the confidence to have them out there representing us.

Our staff management is guided by the Agile Manifesto, as are our client relationships and the code we produce.

Join the team

GuruHut is a demanding, challenging environment in which it is possible to learn an incredible amount and truly develop yourself as a coder. Because the unique mix of personality traits and programming know-how we require is hard for us to find, we are on a constant recruitment drive to identify and bring on board the right people.

Applicants are requested to send us a CV. If this reflects the right mix of skills, we invite them to come in for a 15-minute written test consisting of five programming questions. If the test shows that their code has the right level of knowledge and a flair for problem solving, we invite them back for a two to three-hour coding assignment, followed by two interviews.

Should all of these prove successful, we will negotiate a package that suits both the candidate and GuruHut.

If you feel you have what it takes to become a part of the GuruHut team, apply here