Grant Finnemore

Owner, CEO

Grant was employed by GuruHut at the very beginning of the company's existence. Today, as owner and CEO, he has made his mark on the company, shaping the vision to create a working environment in which the Guruhut staff are self-defining, free to be creative and take responsibility for their work and their actions, and in which creative enterprise solutions are delivered to clients in an ethical, cost-effective and deadline-driven way.

As a Java™ developer himself, he is able to truly understand his clients' needs as well as the possibilities of what GuruHut can do for them - there is no division between what is promised and what can be delivered.

He has over 18 years' experience in the production of software, and was an early adopter of Java™ technologies, and has an exhaustive knowledge of most contemporary frameworks and libraries. He has been deeply involved in architecting and re-architecting enterprise systems and is keenly interested in building creative and flexible solutions to difficult problems.