Transforming the teams that create the software that's transforming the world

More than 21 000 companies of all sizes around the world use Atlassian's issue tracking, collaboration and software development products to work faster and smarter, together.

Atlassian products include:

Project and issue tracking

  • JIRA : Product tracking for great product teams. Track anything — issues, bugs, tasks, deadlines, code, hours — to stay on top of every team's productivity.
  • Greenhopper : Agile project management for Scrum or Kanban teams.
  • Bonfire : Rapid bug reporting for session-based application testing.

Collaboration and content sharing

  • Confluence : A collaboration tool for teams to create, share and discuss rich content — docs, files, ideas specs, diagrams, mockups, anything.

Code quality

  • Fisheye : Browse, search and track your source code repositories.
  • Bamboo : Continuous integration, continuous deployment and release management.
  • Crucible : Find bugs and improve code quality through peer feedback.
  • Clover : Prioritise time spent creating and updating tests, and speed your builds.

Popular add-ons

  • Crowd : A single sign on tool for as many users, web apps and directory services as you need.

Local heroes

Atlassian's tools are ideal for any software development job, and at GuruHut, we are proud to be recognised as the South African Atlassian Experts.

Helping you to realise Atlassian's true potential

GuruHut will help you to understand, use, tweak and develop Atlassian software for your own company or project. We offer these services to make sure that you have what you need to get the best out of your products:

  • Installation and maintenance — We'll implement the products in the location of your choice so that you can use them right away, and provide any upgrades and support you may need.
  • Services — We'll show you how to use the products so that they answer all your needs and you get the best out of them.
  • Plug-in development — If you need additional features or assistance with integration, we will provide it.
  • Training — We can provide training for end users or your admin team, so that you're confident that you're working with a product that you understand.

Contact GuruHut to find out more about Atlassian's suite of issue tracking, collaboration and software development tools.