GuruHut is a collective of Java™ programmers whose work is defined by a passion for what we create. For the past nine years, we have been delivering enterprise solutions that are characterised by our determination to do the right thing and to get the job done.

We use Agile methodologies that allow us to be flexible but thorough, and manage our relationships with our staff in the same way as we do our clients - so that any GuruHut representative is an empowered and dynamic individual, able to solve problems and always honest about what can be achieved.

We are all problem solvers, excited by new technologies and we relish a challenge. But, in our fervour for realising the potential of the new, we are still determined to deliver only exactly what the customer wants or needs, within the agreed budget.

Evolutionary, not revolutionary Get in, do the job, get out Love our work

GuruHut's programmers do not build an entire process just to install a better mousetrap - we see beauty in the simplest solutions.

We listen to what the client is asking for, use our experience to determine what the real need is and then deliver that functionality - nothing more, nothing less.

Ultimately, we want to make ourselves irrelevant in the solution.

When you contract GuruHut to conceptualise a solution for your company, you don't need to worry that we'll be looking for ways to sell you into ever-increasing and expanding solutions. We like to finish and leave.

Over the twenty years that we have been delivering enterprise Java™ solutions, our work has been characterised by its variety rather than a specialisation in any particular industry.

Our expertise lies in providing original solutions, not in delivering rehashed versions of industry-specific functionality.

Meet some of our team

GuruHut has been part of the South African software scene going on 20 years. Over that time, we have had the good fortune to employ many talented developers, and we feel grateful that they've chosen to spend time in GuruHut. Here are some of our current people.

Grant Finnemore


Grant was employed by GuruHut at the very beginning of the company's existence. Today, as owner and CEO, he has made his mark on the company, shaping the vision to create a working environment in which the Guruhut staff are self-defining, free to be creative and take responsibility for their work and their actions, and in which creative enterprise solutions are delivered to clients in an ethical, cost-effective and deadline-driven way.

Carol Kow

Financial Manager

Carol has been an integral part of GuruHut for many years, having joined within the first two years of our journey. She does an amazing job in keeping our finances and making the job of auditors so much easier. Carol is also the consumate organiser, and has been the linchpin in ensuring that our annual year-end function always exceeds expectations. Nothing is ever too much to ask, and her infectious personality brings so levity to the office.

Gary Quinn

Senior Devops Engineer

Gary started his career as a software developer, and has integrated his interests in software and the critical functions of infrastructure management to the logical next focus of devops. A rare breed of person (in South Africa) where software came first - Gary brings a unique insight and talent to the clients he works with. He loves to share his passion for technology, and how it can help teams do better work together.

Tasneem Bhyat

Senior Developer

Tasneem is the quintessential team player - reliable, enthusiastic and passionate to do good work. She's a fantastic Java developer, and GuruHut has been fortunate to provide our clients with her talents for more than a decade. Tasneem isn't phased by new technologies or a challenging problem; watching her work and bringing others along in the process is awesome to watch.

Kabelo Mokgoro

Java Developer

As the youngest team member, the best part about being here is learning. I have had the opportunity of being exposed to a variety of the latest technologies and being challenged to produce high quality code. Being able to learn with such an accommodating team has been a fruitful experience. I believe the spark of youth I have brought is bound to make an impact.

Join the team!

GuruHut is a demanding, challenging environment in which it is possible to learn an incredible amount and truly develop yourself as a coder. Because the unique mix of personality traits and programming know-how we require is hard for us to find, we are on a constant recruitment drive to identify and bring on board the right people.

As part of our business philosophy, GuruHut hires Java™ programmers - and occasionally other folk - who are experienced, independent and confident.

We have high standards for our staff, and because we are so exacting in our recruitment processes, we are able to avoid micro-management of on-site programmers. This gives them the freedom to manage their own processes and client relationships, and us the confidence to have them out there representing us.