GuruHut’s service offerings are tailored to our client’s needs and expectations. Our consultants and contractors are all highly skilled, and versatile in the solutions they can deliver. Since we believe that clients expect consultants & contractors to start delivering quickly, and will always provide appropriate people.

GuruHut favours a high touch involvement with clients and prospective clients. By ensuring regular and meaningful feedback, we are able to carefully select appropriate consultants or contractors, and in line with your evolving needs. We place a high regard on your input, and this ongoing feedback is critical to help us manage relationships, and add value to your business.

Outsourcing and co-sourcing

These projects can be of almost any size, from one month to two years, and involving from one to 25 people


At any phase of the project to address specific architecture, design, implementation or performance questions

Migration and up-skilling

Long-term projects through the use of appropriate individuals


Hourly, retainer-based or fixed-cost skills to meet a specific client requirement

Portfolio outline

Almost 20 years in business. And many of the software solutions we've crafted are still in use from those earliest days. State of the art in software has advanced tremendously, and each year seems to bring more rapid change. It's certainly true that a constant in this industry is change. Some of the industry verticals we've serviced - and outlines of the software - are listed here.


Microservices based architecture, integrations with multiple 3rd party applications and using Atlassian Jira as the UI delivery platform


Corporate bulk credit management • Trade consolidation • Financial rule and reporting • Flexible portfolio hierarchy management

Animal Welfare

Since 2000, we have constantly delivered software for use in animal chipping and recovery. This is being re-architected and expanded to support a larger set of use cases


One of our oldest projects - delivered in 2002; global footprint, multiplatform & multilingual support - still being used and actively maintained

Fantasy Gaming

Our work with Ultimate Dream Teams (later renamed to Big5 games) was great fun, and helped us redefine what could be done in very short timeframes


We first experimented with mobile using WAP and interactive SMS conversations. On behalf of clients, GuruHut has developed several apps for both the iOS and Android

Good to know Approach Something else to know
GuruHut's approach to software development is not tool-centric, and we're not beholden to any specific vendor. Our experience is very broad; enabling us to find "out of the box" solutions. We look at many factors of the project, including, but not limited to, client capability, concurrency, load, deployment topologies and user requirements before choosing an appropriate suite of tools. Over years, we've developed a suite of code and libraries that can help get you running quickly - or improve a specific aspect of your systems.

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