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GuruHut has been building things internally for the whole of our history. As anyone who has tried well knows, building products is hard, and we're no exception. But, we've had a lot of fun in trying - and a great deal of that effort has ended up in a production code one way or another. Our current list of current or upcoming software products are listed below.

Audit tool for Jira

Do you have a finger on the pulse on your Jira Software and Jira Core? Our team of experts will help you analyse your Jira instance with a HealthCheck Report with actionable recommendations and a roadmap to allow you to build a plan for optimisation of your current setup

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Cloud docs for Jira

Companies using Jira for critical business operations will often require that all attachments are kept on WORM media for extended periods of time, or require that old attachments be stored on cheaper devices. If you have either requirement - we can assist

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There are many ways to track time … crono•biz just works. Tracking that gets out of the way and makes your life easier — whether you're an employee, manager or the CEO

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Split window for Jira

Operations teams are using Jira to manage their core workflows, but still need integration with existing applications. Jira apps can only take you so far - this allows the next leap

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Looking to bring control and testability to the process of SQL execution in your environment? This advanced tool will become a staple of your organisation

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Easy API builder

All our newer software requires building API specifications using OpenAPI, and we have found that as our software grows, so the API document becomes unwieldy. This online service will help provide an opinionated approach to API design

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